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Ellen Boss Krohn

Virtual Test Chair
612 - 251 - 5665

Virtual Testing

  1. Coach indicates they would like you to test virtually.

  2. Make sure you are eligible and in good standing.

  3. Download and fill out Necessary Forms (found below):

    1. Name & Likeness Release and Consent Agreement HERE

    2. Performance Affidavit for Virtual Test Submission HERE

    3. Permission to Test - if you are not an LMFSC member HERE

  4. Print and Review Video Instructions HERE

  5. Print and Review Coach Checklist HERE

  6. Register for available test date and pay using EntryEeze HERE 

  7. Submit video via EntryEeze by deadline


Virtual Test Dates for 2024

Always check the deadlines on EntryEeze when you register.  The Registration deadline will be approximately 5-10 days BEFORE the scheduled test date.  All Forms and Videos will be due 3-5 days prior to the scheduled test date.


January 9th - Dance Only

January 25th

  • Limit 25

  • Signup Deadline Jan 21st

  • Forms/Videos Due Jan 23rd

February 26th

  • Signup Deadline Feb 20th

  • Forms/Videos Due Feb 22nd

 Tentative Schedule for rest of the Year:

April - Dance Only

May 3rd

May 30th

June 28th

July 24th

August 15th

August 30th

September 13th

September 27th

October 11th

October 25th

November 22nd

December 27th

Register for Test

Register, Pay and Upload forms here.

Necessary Forms

Name and Likeness Release and Consent Agreement HERE


Performance Affidavit for Virtual Test Submission HERE


Permission to Test (if needed) HERE

Test Rules & Suggestions

  • Any LMFSC skater wishing to test must be a member in good standing with the club.

  • Application to virtually test on a LMFSC test session must be received by the LMFSC virtual test chair by the test session registration deadline date (usually 5 days prior to test date).

    • Registrations due at least 5 days prior to test date

    • Forms and videos due at least 3 days prior to test date

  • No refunds for virtual testing.  You may transfer to a future test session.  Transfers to a future test session are not given once the Test Session Deadline has passed.

  • Once the test schedule deadline has passed, skaters will be charged for tests.

USFS Testing Guidelines & Rulebook

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