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History of 

Lake Minnetonka

Figure Skating Club

1974 to Present



Fall 1974

 All Season Skating School begins at the Minnetonka Ice Arena.  Barb Castaneda is the first Skate School Director.  Carol (LeClaire) Timm is one of the first skating coaches along with Coach Barb Denslow who also teaches the on-ice Slim and Trim class.



Spring 1975 

First Minnetonka Ice Arena Ice Show with approximately 54 skaters.



July 31, 1976

Meeting #1 - Coach Barb Castaneda met with Suzanne Brown, Jean and Don Brooks, Kay Ahern, Lee Larson, Claire McEwan and Hope Lund to begin the organization of a skating club at Minnetonka Ice Arena. Barb Castaneda spoke to the Minnetonka Ice Arena management and was told that ice was available for club use on Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:30 a.m. and Saturdays from 7:45 – 9:00 a.m.


August 7, 1976

Meeting #2 – the name “Lake Minnetonka Figure Skating Club” was chosen to represent the area representative of its skaters. August 11 and 20, September 1 and 15, 1976Meetings were held to discuss various issues including USFS guidelines on how to form a skating club, a club logo, a dress and skate sale, creation and distribution of the club newsletter.


September 21, 1976

1st General Meeting for LMFSC (held in the loft of the Minnetonka Ice Arena, 16 adults were in attendance) 1st Board of Directors: President: Susan BrownVice President: Lee LarsonSecretary: Hope LundTreasurer: Richard AhernDirectors: Jean Brooks, Pat Lucke, Ray McEwan and Tamea Petersen The “Inside Edge” newsletter is introduced.


October 13, 1976

Helen Hanus was approved as the Board’s ninth and final member of the Board of Directors. The first 30 skaters were accepted as members of LMFSC.



March 31, 1977

LMFSC is incorporated.


May 19, 1977

First LMFSC Banquet is held at Burch’s. June 14, 1977USFS accepted LMFSC for a probationary membership of one year.



June 1979

Carol Timm becomes Director of the All Season Skating School at the Minnetonka Ice Arena.



May 2016

Skate School Director and LMFSC Head Coach Carol Timm is honored for 40 years of service.


May 2017

Coach (and previous Skate School Director) Barb Castaneda is honored on the 40th anniversary of the Club for being “LMFSC Founding Member”  and for her years of dedication to the success of the Club.

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