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Barb Denslow was one of the 3 original coaches when Barb Castaneda began our program at the Minnetonka Ice Arena in 1974.  She was vital in helping build the program and LMFSC.  After about 30 years of coaching at Minnetonka, she retired due to early onset of Macular Degeneration.  It was the idea of Joan Nelson, the LMFSC president at that time, to establish an annual award in Barb's name.

Any member of LMFSC (skater, parent or coach) may nominate a LMFSC skater for the Barb Denslow Award.  Please submit the skater’s name and a one-paragraph explanation of why you are nominating this skater to Carol Timm (  You must sign your nomination letter.


The entire coaching staff will vote for the award recipient.

The award will be presented at the LMFSC Spring Banquet.


There are six requirements for the Barb Denslow Award.

This LMFSC Skater:

 Is positive and encouraging toward ALL skaters, younger or older.

 Is a good role model, on and off the ice.

 Demonstrates leadership and responsibility.

 Has determination and tenacity on the ice.

 Demonstrates club spirit and good sportsmanship.

 Is respectful of all – parents, coaches and skaters.



2023 – Hannah Wall

2022 – Marisse Covin

2021 – Emma Locketz 

2020 – Danielle Mazo

2019 – Mimi Cavalier 

2018 – Rachel Kitt

2017 – Inga Erdahl

2016 – Bethany Henneman

2015 – Abigail Rhodes

2014 - Holly Westwood

2013 - Alissa Dahle-Koch

2012 - Stephanie Flore

2011 - Brandy Lewis

2008 - Leslie Engel &

               Anna Marie Nelson

Barb Denslow Award


Bette was a National judge and referee for US Figure Skating for over 40 years.  She lived in Minnetonka and was so excited when LMFSC was established.  Soon after that, Bette changed her home club membership to LMFSC.  She was a huge advocate for the club and served as President in the 1980s.  Her award is in appreciation for all the work and time she had given to our club.


This award is given to the LMFSC skater who meets the following requirements.


The skater must have passed the Junior or Senior Freestyle test by April 30 of the year in which the award is given.  (This coincides with our “testing year” for awarding patches at the banquet).

The skater must be a sophomore in high school or older.

The skater must have the highest cumulative high school GPA.

The skater must be an “active” skater.

Skater demonstrates a passion for the sport and puts that passion to work on the ice.



2023 – Madeleine Wiitala

2022 – Marisse Covin                             

2021 – Grace Kaung &

            Emma Locketz

2020 – Grace Kaung

2019 – Marie Senescall

2018 – Mimi Cavalier

2017 – Mimi Cavalier

2016 – None

2015 – Katie Yockey

2014 – Katie Yockey

2013 - Katie Bjorlin

2012 - Brandy Lewis

2011 - Brandy Lewis

2008 - Kylie Knapp


In 1974 Barb Castaneda came to Minnetonka and started the All Season Skating School. As the Skating school quickly grew, she worked with parents to found the Lake Minnetonka Figure Skating Club in 1977. Barb had been a dedicated skater, becoming a triple USFS gold medalist in figures, freestyle, and pairs and was also a National competitor. As a coach, she set high standards for her students and inspired many students to become gold medalists as well as State and Regional champions and some National competitors. Barb's love and dedication for LMFSC helped it become the successful club it is today. Barb retired in 2021 after coaching for over 50 years.


This award is given to the LMFSC Senior Freestyle skater who demonstrates the following qualities:


Goal oriented

Sacrifices to achieve

Dedicated and determined


Love of the sport

Self driven and motivated

Works to achieve

*Coaches will nominate and Barb will be part of the candidate proposal discussion.  This award may not be given every year.  



2023 – Rose Goldenberg


Carol Timm was one of the three original coaches of the All Season Skating School which began in 1974. In 1979 she became the director of the program for the City of Minnetonka and later head coach for LMFSC. During her years of coaching at LMFSC,  she has developed State and Regional champions, sectional and national competitors, and more than 70 gold medalists in figures, moves in the field and freestyle. Through her enthusiasm for skating, Carol has encouraged skaters to “be the best they can be” and pass as many tests as they can. By achieving the higher tests, skaters are giving themselves a 2nd career to fall back on. Passing the gold tests, especially the gold freestyle, are accomplishments not every skater can achieve. Being a USFS double gold medalist in figures and freestyle, she recognizes the time, hard work and dedication this requires.


This award will be given to a skater who has passed their gold freestyle test in the past year since the last ice show and will be presented by Carol at one of the performances.



2023 – Jennifer Mettler

*The criteria of each award was composed by the person who the award honors.

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